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Ride Report: Coyote High Sierra Traverse via Fat Bike – Attempt #1

Eric Hunter and Alan Jacoby, fat biking the Coyote Traverse

Dirty Teeth – Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

A few weeks ago, I was randomly “facebook messaging” with Errin Vasquez / Frontage Roads about fat biking in the Eastern Sierra.  If you didn’t hear, I’ve been involved with Fat Bike Mammoth, and we are diligently trying to amend a 20 year old Forest Order that specifies “no wheeled vehicles on groomed trails”.  Until that antiquated rule is updated for non-motorized transportation, the Winter opportunities for fat bikes is limited around these parts.  There’s still plenty of amazing, legal fat bike riding though… but it’s gonna be a mecca when we can share the snowmobile trail system!! Anyhoo, I digress…

Errin asked if I’d fat biked up at Coyote Flats.  Hmmm… I’d heard of Coyote in the Summer, and read about the epic “Coyote Traverse”, but never considered riding it in the Winter.  Double Hmmm…

What is The Coyote High Sierra Traverse?  It’s around 22 miles and 4,500′…

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